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Entry #3

Ask Me A Question! (26-50)

2008-07-11 20:48:34 by EmoNarc

And I'll answer as long as it's not too retarded! (Comment this post)


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2008-07-11 23:15:10

How are babies made?

EmoNarc responds:

When a male and a female engage in intercourse (vaginally), and the male ejaculates into the women's vagina, one of his sperm cells may come in contact with one of her egg cells. After this, the science is very iffy. However, on a broad, general level, the cells will begin to multiply until it reaches the size of a normal baby. About nine months down the line, the baby will come out of the women's vagina, and will be free to roam the world. Yippee!


2008-07-13 07:39:22

Why is the world going to hell?

EmoNarc responds:

"Why is the world going to hell?" is a variation of the common idiom, "The world is going to hell." Like I said, it is an idiom, and not necessarily the truth. For instance, if someone said, "It's raining cats and dogs," no intelligent person would actually believe that it was literally raining cats and dogs. As such, when you heard that the world was going to hell, that person who said so just wanted to express that the world is declining according to his variables.

Case in point, you started with a wrong assumption. The world is NOT going to hell. Hope you feel better. Cheers!


2008-07-13 07:44:18

Can you review my music for me?

(Updated ) EmoNarc responds:

I'm not sure if you wanted me to listen to all your songs and review them on their respective pages. But if you did, I apologize because I'm going to review them right here as a collective body of work:

It sucks. I mean, really... there is a reason why most of your songs have a rating of less that one. Try learning music theory, because it will drastically improve your music. In fact, I created two music theory threads not too long ago: ic/508807 ic/511402

Hope you enjoy reading them!


2008-07-13 21:09:41

How many seals live in the pacific?

EmoNarc responds:

I can not possibly answer your question because it it too ambiguous:

1) If by "seal" you meant "pinniped", then how do I know whether or not to include eared seals in my estimate? And furthermore, what about species related to pinnipeds?
2) If you are talking about a U.S. Navy Seal, there are a lot of undercover missions that no normal citizen knows about. Thus, I couldn't tell you that.
3) If by "seal" you mean the seals on letters, NO ONE knows. And why would you care anyway?

So sorry. There is no possible way I can answer your question; it is too ambiguous. I shall classify this as "retarded".


2008-07-16 06:16:24

How can I control all people over the world?

EmoNarc responds:

You can't. You just simply can not control all the people in the world. The Mongols, the Europeans, Hitler. They all tried to take over the world to no avail. Taking over the world must be done consentually, something that can not be done. It is simply impossible, and not to mention ethically wrong.

Imagine all the pain and suffering you would cause. That would be terrible! And then, when "your people" revolt against you, imagine all the pain and suffering you would go through. Simply put, taking over the world is impossible. However, theoretically, it still would be bad for both your people, and you.


2008-07-28 11:27:01

maybe the last question was too overdone. so tell me, how can one single man make newgrounds a nice, friendly place?

EmoNarc responds:

You start off with an incorrect assumption.

Newgrounds (when compared to the real world) IS a nice, friendly place.


2008-07-29 12:10:20

why are all jews sucsessful businessmen

EmoNarc responds:

Oh my wow. I'm getting a lot of these assumptive questions lately:

All Jews are not NOT successful businessmen. And furthermore, not only are all Jews not businessmen, but only about 50% of them are men! You are what is referred to as a "racist" and "sexist". I'm not going to ask you to die in a fire, but can you please do the world a tiny favor please? Thanks for you time.


2008-07-29 17:02:58

I read some of your responses to the comments and your like answering pretty good...
I gots a good question though..
actually got 2 but just gonna ask this one..
I am Mentally Unstabble(Really go ask my Doctor)
Will I be able to join Military or SHOULD I join the Military if I can
..because I am wanting to use the G.I. Bill to my advantage(For school)

EmoNarc responds:

Thank you for your acknowledgments. You are the first to say anything of that nature. However, if you have two questions, but only want to ask one, then why go on a ramble about whether or not you want to ask one or two? You can certainly just select that ramble and press backspace. Also, learn grammar. Anyway...

I understand that you have a mental handicap, but regardless, you should not join the army. In the midst of a war that may go on for several more years, now is not the time to join. You may DIE. And on top of that, the money they give you is highly insufficient. The average soldier only gets $30,000 for college. That will only last you for a year. After that, you are screwed. It would be better for you to just do one of those work-study programs that some colleges have. Or alternatively, try community college!

Thanks for your question.


2008-08-05 17:47:46

why does everyone hate jews

oh I have 2!

can you vote 5 on my flash movies?

EmoNarc responds:

Your first question is a repeat, and I'm too lazy to find it to copy+paste. I shall define your first question as "retarded".

As for your second question, yes. I have the ability to vote 5 on your flashes. However, after viewing two of them, I felt compelled to vote 0 on both of them. Sorry. You just suck as an animator. Oh well. Pick up dancing!


2008-08-13 22:57:29

Who was it EmoNarc?Who was it that touched you?was it your Uncle Charlie?Or the butler?

EmoNarc responds:

My god! Assumptive arguments are rampant lately!!!

Your question is asked with an incorrect assumption. I was never "touched". And furthermore I don't have an "Uncle Charlie" or a butler.



2008-08-16 19:53:05

I have been very ininspired lately.That and I cant get my riffs to have variety.They always seem to be on the same scale and they generally have the same time signitures.

What can I do to become more insipred and have more variety in my metal guitar riffing?

EmoNarc responds:

I'm not much into heavy metal, but just listen to more music, and play more music. That is the number one way to get inspired. Don't copy people, but try to mimic styles. Soon enough, your imagination will be able to walk on its own.

So yeah, listen to moar and play moar. Thanks for your question.


2008-08-23 01:45:11

Why are most of your answers long?

EmoNarc responds:

Question=retarded. I dunno.


2008-09-12 08:35:11


EmoNarc responds:

More importantly, how did the chicken get to the road it crossed?



2008-09-22 17:47:22

Why are you so witty? :3

EmoNarc responds:

You answer your own question in your question. I am.


2008-09-28 15:14:10

Why are you emo?

EmoNarc responds:

You answer your own question in your question. I am.


2008-10-02 00:46:00

WHY DO THE GOOD DIE YOUNG?? (aside from drugs and alcohol....)

EmoNarc responds:

Dru... oh wait no.

Sex and rock 'n roll would be my guess.


2008-10-17 04:52:34

Why is the 25th letter of the alphabet?

EmoNarc responds:



2008-10-28 09:25:41

Who created Nu metal?

(Updated ) EmoNarc responds:

Nu did.


2008-10-28 14:02:52

I see you've stopped answering questions. Seems reasonable... but I have some questions. You will only need to answer one of them.

So now that you have the advantage of for-sight, why did you think this was a good idea?
...and yes I'm assuming that you must have thought it was a good idea. Now if you didn't think it was a good idea, than why did you make this post at all?

EmoNarc responds:

You're assuming I can read and write in English. That is rather faulty.

This page, myself, you. We are all figments of your imagination.

Wake up Neo.


2008-11-05 23:56:03

Who gives a flying fuck about your answers?

EmoNarc responds:

A: Who doesn't give a flying fuck about my answers. What does.
B: What does? What?! I don't know.
A: I don't know doesn't give a flying fuck about my answers.
B: What?!
A: Yes.
B: Who?
A: No. What does.
B: What?!
A: Precisely.


2009-01-14 18:30:05

What's a question?

EmoNarc responds:

Yes. "What?" is a question.


2009-03-07 16:44:49

If Billy has 3 apples, and Susan has 5 apples, why don't they shut up and eat?


2009-06-28 02:07:01

Why is it that most people seem to not like gay men? I've noticed this and also relized that while gay men are made fun of a lot, gay women aren't. Why?


2009-08-16 20:30:52

Why did you stop answering questions?


2010-05-29 19:40:26

what's the salt content average in rainfall? I'm guessing it's a semi-high level.